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Tuesday March 5 2024 - 16:06

Young critic? Writer? Or Magazine Enthusiast? We got something for you.

Not So Difficult will be part of the Rewire reflections workshop hosted by Laura Snapes (The Guardian).

During Rewire Reflections participants are given the opportunity to interview artists and speakers or to reflect upon the festival’s music, context and film programme, whether in traditional reviews, discursive essays or more experimental, playful forms of the writer’s own invention. During the workshop, participants will discuss and experiment with creative and critical approaches to writing about music, as well as enter into a collective editorial process leading up to the print publication including daily meetings, editing and production, and writing to word counts and deadlines.

The workshop and zine launch will be hosted at The Grey Space in the Middle. Guest critics joining the morning sessions will be Jasper Willems (Beats Per Minute) and our very editor-in-chief Pieter Volckaert (Not So Difficult). The evening sessions are more informal moments for meeting, writing, and regrouping for the next day.

Interested - apply here.

Friday March 1 2024 - 15:52

There’s a new band in town. Sunchaser is the host of this month’s playlist. They gathered all the acts that inspired their latest project in one playlist. 26 tracks to sing you to sleep.

Discover their selection via this link.

Tuesday February 27 2024 - 03:30

All Info On NSD6 - Coming Soon.